When its all over :: raves

Is it luck?  Is that why we have been blessed with so many clients that are so trusting, care free and kind?  To any brides or grooms to be, please understand that the personality of your vendors play such an important role in your day.  It is as important to like and get along with your vendor, as much as you may enjoy their work.  I may not be the best wedding photographer for you.  I may be the absolute perfect fit.  Just keep in mind that when you choose a professional for your wedding, that they will work their absolute hardest for you on your day (or they should), and your respect and trust in their process is the best gift you can give them. I want to share an email I receieve from a recent groom after it was all over.  Sometimes it is better articulated from someone "on the other side".



"...We've had the pictures for a time now.  I've had a couple of opportunities to look through them all, and I feel that it's an excellent representation of the day.  Lots of great moments were captured, and I didn't feel like anything was missing.  There were certainly a few pictures as well that were so good that I had 'Holy Sh*t' moments when seeing them for the first time.

I remember during our negotiation process, I had tried to cut out the engagement session, and knock you down a few bucks in the process.  I was annoyed that you didn't concede, but I did respect you for it because you believed in your product and weren't going to let someone else set the value for it. You raised my expectations in the process and I remember thinking 'This guy better be f*ckin good!'  Today I'm happy to humbly admit that you were 'f*ckin good'! If asked to pick out any flaws or to recommend how you could improve your business, I'd be hard pressed to offer any meaningful advice.  You and your team was right on point, and in a day typically full of stresses and anxieties, I was happy to not have any.
Please pass this on to Nate and Tia as well.  I was thoroughly impressed with your service from top to bottom and will recommend you to anyone that comes asking.  Enjoy your busy summer!!!  I'm off to enjoy Hawaii ;)


Guess I am just lucky?  I love my job.