Brampton Ontario Wedding Photographer :: Vanessa & Matt :: hitched {images by aron & billy}

I believe it was the songstress Rebecca Black that said " FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN". I had such a good time at this wedding.  Such a laid back group of people, ready to let it all hang out and celebrate together.  I love couples that work as hard as humanly possible up until the wedding day, then somehow find it in them to actually site back and enjoy it.  No worrying about who, what and where.  Just letting the day happen as it might.  The way it should be.  ..and despite a monsoon too.

I should warn you that there are a handful of inside jokes in the images below, these images come without explanation as inside jokes should remain.  Don't worry, when your wedding day comes along and if we are lucky enough to post your images, no one will understand half of your pictures either.  Exactly the way it should be.

Million thanks to my associate photographer Billy Yam for his huge help as second photographer on this wedding.

Hope you enjoy.

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