When its all over :: raves

Emails like this make my week better, my job perfect and my smile larger.  Making new friends is the ultimate bonus.

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Hey Aron,

We wanted to thank you for being there to capture our special day. We love your attention to detail, making sure every little thing is in the right place before you take the shot. Working with you did not feel like working with the typical vendors. It felt like you were one of our close friends. I still remember being up at the altar all nervous waiting for Monika to come into the church and you would casually walk by in front, say something funny, give me a wink and prep for the big entrance. It made me smile and relax. The best advice you kept giving us both was just to sit back and enjoy it all. Because just like you said, it goes by way too fast. Earlier today we were looking at wedding photos our friends and family took, and in some of them we saw you standing there, always in the perfect position to capture the moment. Along similar lines to my speech, we knew without actually seeing any photos from you that they would be perfect. Your friendliness, fun personality, and professionalism made our special day that much better.

Your friends,Monika and Mike