When it's all over :: raves

Emails like this make my month.

"Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap!

No way to sound dignified... I am at a loss for words. The photos are above and beyond our expectations... every one of them is absolutely stunning. I had been feeling a little sad for having missed out on (or forgotten) some of the little moments, and your pics have captured them all - the joy, the tenderness, the laughter - it's all there, and it's BEAUTIFUL!

We looked at them all in bed together last night and couldn't help but call both our parents' to tell them that they HAD to look right away. Everyone was astounded... there were so many photos that we were completely unaware you had taken (as you planned I imagine...). It was the most fun to see all the goings-on through your lens, which certainly has captured the beauty of it all. Nevermind the setting, the decor, the dress.... you really did see the people... and that was more important to us than anything.

I can't believe that these photos are just a fraction of the ones you took - if they were all we had we'd be beyond thrilled. Man... it is difficult to really express genuine gratitude in an email... I hope you can sense it...    Family and friends have commented extensively about what an awesome guy you were. All I can say is that your work is insane, you are SO talented, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you.

I have no doubt the remainder of the photos are going to bring us much joy and enjoyment - can't wait.

Thank you Thank you Thank you! Leah and Steve"