When it's all over :: raves

Somehow we are continually blessed with the clients that choose us to shoot their weddings for them.  One of the sweetest gestures was from a recently wed and recently featured couple. undefined

They started off by making my day with this delivery.  (Sorry for the iPhone snap, I was hungry)



..and blew me away with the sweetest email ever.


"It took me a while to get the right words to express my sincere thanks to Aron and the crew. After all that thought I still can’t find the right words to express how amazing of a job Aron did. There are no words in the English dictionary to express the amount of talent, passion, and love Aron has for his job. The best part of it all is when Kayla and I met Aron for the first time he was a stranger, by the time we met again, he was our best friend, and treated us that way. We didn't think of Aron as our photographer for the day, or hired help, We thought of Aron as one of our good buddys who can take amazing pictures. Kayla and I had set an expectation for what we expected from Aron, obviously as the pictures show Aron exceeded our expectations. From the pictures we have seen so far we can already notice how well he captured so many memorable moments. For most couples the wedding is a big blur, but because of Aron and all these pictures we will forever be able to visualize our wedding, and remember it like it was yesterday.


All I can say is Aron don’t change a thing your attention to detail is what puts you above everyone else, you are an amazing person, friend, photographer, and you take photography to a whole new level!

Kayla and I want you to know how much we love you!!

-- Fayaaz Kala"

Seriously?  Life is good with friends like that.