Toronto Ontario Wedding Photographer :: Carolyn & Matt :: hitched

You know that love? The kind that's warm and fuzzy. It feels like home. Comfortable and sweet--like warm apple pie. Carolyn and Matt share that kind of love. And what better way to personalize their day than replacing the traditional, three-tiered wedding cake with Grandma Podmore's very own famous apple pie. It symbolizes family, love and appreciation for the past and the future. A future that Carolyn and Matt will spend together. Families united. Grandma Podmore's very special apple pie was baked with love--as it has been, time and time again--and Carolyn and Matt chose that specific recipe, that staple, to represent this new and exciting chapter in their lives. Perhaps beginning what will soon become another well-known family tradition.

Special thanks to Nate Dionisio for his excellent work as second on this wedding.

Hope you enjoy.

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