Toronto Musician Photographer :: Francois Klark :: singer/songwriter

Francois Klark is pure talent.  Living off of his art, this South African born singer songwriter has "it".  Now living in Toronto after five months of performing in London England, the kid's been around and it really seems to have shaped his music. As my off season plan of capturing a handful of musicians winds down, I am so happy I had the chance to meet Francois and hear him perform.  I always enjoyed the music he was sharing on his website, but his new work honestly blew me away and I can't wait for him to share it with you.  Trying to explain music is as impossible as trying to describe my photography style to people that have not seen a frame but I will give it a stab.  Think soulful, smooth style.  Powerful when it needs to be and interesting enough to keep you guessing.

Here is the iTunes link, it's really worth a visit -> Francois Klark on iTunes

You should really check out his website -> Francois Klark Website
You should really out his soundcloud page -> Francois Klark on MySpace

Huge thanks to: The Big Guys Coffee Shop, Xena Whiting (makeup), MusiKavango Records

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