Toronto Engagement Photographer :: Leanne & Adam :: engaged

Have you ever looked up at the expansive buildings, wondering who occupies the seemingly tiny spaces? At nighttime, the lights in each window seem to dance on and off—from unit to unit—and suddenly these inanimate, soaring structures come to life. In what looks to be a modular world, we all exist in such close proximity to one another, yet all have such different stories. Each unit houses it’s own unique story, one that makes these similar units, not so similar at all, but rather ‘home’—to the unique people and stories that occupy each and every one of them.

Adam and Leanne are one of these great stories.

Adam and Leanne invited me into their home, where I was given the pleasure to capture a significant moment in their lives—in their story.  This place, this location, this time in their lives was important for them to document.

Here is the "Here And Now".  Enjoy.