Sharon & Peter :: hitched

I take a lot on my plate, I always have.  It took me a while to realize I like it that way, not that it does not stress me out at times but I need to be busy.  Idle hands...yadda yadda. Sharon and Peter are exactly the same.  Peter is a small business owner and to anyone that can relate, that is a mountain of work in itself, but trying to plan a wedding on top is difficult.  Now here is where things get crazy, Sharon and Peter decided to sell their home, purchase another and move during their wedding planning as well.  Ouch.  The most amazing part of all of this is the fact that they seemed so relaxed.  Whether that was the case or not, they really did a wonderful job of juggling to get everything completed and managed to look FANTASTIC on their wedding day.  Bravo.  If anyone needs a honeymoon, it is you two.  Congrats to a well deserved break.

It was an honour capturing your wedding day for you both, hope you enjoy.

Huge thanks to Andy King for his endless hard work seconding for me.