Peirson Ross :: singer/songwriter

Have you heard of Peirson Ross? My wife and I are such huge music fans, especially live music.  We love finding artists like Peirson and then keeping them to ourselves.  We used to attend tons of live shows a year (before having my daughter) and only 5% of those shows would ever been huge arena shows.  There is nothing better than falling in love with a brilliant and soulful singer/songwriter and then seeing them in person, about ten feet from where you are sitting.  Seeing their facial expressions.  Seeing them feel the music.

The trouble is finding an artist before they make it big and having that opportunity.  You cheer for them, you want them to succeed, but keeping them to yourself allows for more intimate shows like the one I got to experience last week.

Peirson is one of my hidden gems, and you are lucky I am willing to share him, because last weeks show at Hugh's Room in Toronto was amazing.

You can get started by checking Peirson out below.  I really recommend starting with the album A Boy Caught on Worlds.

Peirson Ross Artist Link

I was lucky enough to be asked to capture Peirson during his live show.  It is an amazing feeling being able to combine two passions together.  It is also incredibly difficult to capture an artist you enjoy so much.  I had to remind myself I was working.  That's when you know you have an amazing job.

Thanks for the invite Peirson.  I am happy I can share you with friends.