Milton Ontario Wedding Photographer :: Shannon & Brad :: hitched {images by aron}

This next comment might cost me a few followers.  I am a Toronto Maple Leaf Fan.  At times it reaches unhealthy levels. Shannon and Brad are Leafs fans as well.  We got along great.

There were rumors of season tickets and my proposal for swapping wedding coverage for said tickets.  Didn't happen but I am still open to the prospect. ;) You might recall that Shannon and Brad were such huge hockey fans, that we shot their engagement session at an ice rink --> HERE.

These two are such devote fans that they decided to hold their wedding at a familar location to most Maple Leafs players in June...a golf course.  (I am kicking myself for that comment).  Beautiful Glencairn Golf Course was a wonderful backdrop for a beautiful couple celebrating their marriage with wonderful friends and family.  I was honoured to be a part of it all.

ps.  Congrats to Brad's Dad (a rabid Bruins fan)

Thanks to Nate Dionisio for his wonderful work as second photographer on this wedding.

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