Judy & Edward :: hitched

Sometimes I get the best requests. A couple days before capturing Edward and Judy's wedding, I received an email from them.  It was a detailed email.  You see, Edward is a Project Manager for a large financial corporation and probably the most detailed client I have had the pleasure to work for.  Being a detail oriented person myself, this made my job entirely too easy.  The nice surprise at the end of the email, was a request to fit in a lunch stop after shooting their first look.  And where is the perfect pre-wedding meal usually served up?  McDonalds, how awesome is that?  I continually try to remind clients that their wedding day should reflect them and not the countless other celebrations they have already attended or the endless amount of details and plans that can bombard you online.  Yep, a trip to Micky D's was the only change in the final itinerary.  Wicked.  How perfectly out of the blue is that?

Edward and Judy, thanks for being wonderful clients and surprising me with such a thoughtful gift at the end of the night.  It was perfect and completely unnessessary, so thank  you.  I hope you enjoy your images below.

** Huge thanks to Andy King for his endless hard work.