Cheyenne & Paul :: hitched

If you don't have friends that participate in community theatre, I feel you might be missing out. The Pros

They are warm, friendly, funny and supportive people.

The Cons

They don't stop singing...ever....honestly.

I have always tried to surround myself with artistic and talented friends.  They are the first ones to inspire you to work harder, dream bigger and offer endless support.  Both Cheyenne and Paul are lucky and talented enough to make a successful career doing what they enjoy to do, be artistic.

The problem with these two is they are too good at whatever they do, but I suppose that is why they work so well together?  Paul and Cheyenne met participating in a local community theatre program and their endless support of each other on stage, quickly developed into endless support of each other off stage as well.

Paul's twin brother David, whom happens to be just as talented as his brother, decided he would use his skills as a animator, when it came time for his best man speech.  It was too good not to share.

Big thanks to Todd Durnan of TJ Durnan Photography for his help on this wedding.

Hope you enjoy.