billy :: an introduction

moshi-moshi {hello-hello} everyone! As the newest member here {uber excited} allow me to take a moment & introduce myself!

my fiancée {karen} is awesome & is my forever & ever I grew up in a small family & was taught to have a big heart my friends & family think I should compete on Top Chef {huge Richard Blais fan} a cup of coffee {pike’s place} always hits the spot plays hockey {goalie} because I love the leafs has a fancy design degree {OCAD love!} was once an art director of fake ads & now a photographer of real people in love feels {amazingly} blessed

my goal is to explore & expand my talents by focusing {both camera & mind} on the essence of what makes your photographs a love that’s worth capturing & sharing.

I look forward meeting you & hope we can share a cup of coffee {on me} soon   :]