Amanda & Jeff :: engaged

Engagement sessions are important.  This is something I always stress at my client meetings, although I usually harp about the benefits for the clients and how much more comfortable they will feel on their wedding day.  The truth is that engagement sessions are just as important for me.  It gives the couple a chance to figure me out as much as I figure them out.  To realize there is so much substance behind that one person that might not have said a lot during the inital meeting. I am blessed with wonderful clients.  Wonderfully creative clients that are fun, thoughtful unique.

Amanda and Jeff seem to be the perfect match.  I get the sense of a deep understanding of each other, respect for each other and a shared list of common interests.  Both deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, they share a love of good music, good food and love for their city, which they stressed should be including in their session.  They also have a love of photography, which means the world to a photographer.  Any client that asks if I would be willing to use a couple Holga's to add to the feel of their wedding day sits pretty high on my list of dream clients.

I introduce Amanda, Jeff and Toronto, the three of them are a perfect match.